Jade Garden, created under the theme of ‘Small Europe in the Forest,’ is located near Jade Palace Golf Club on a plot of land measuring 160,000 square meters. The 24 distinctively-themed areas in the garden boast a total of 3,000 plant species including rhododendron, maple trees, irises, and blueberry bushes as well as patches of thick, natural forests. The arboretum makes the most out of its natural valley topography and presents visitors with a mix of tidy gardens, graceful flowers, and an array of European-style architecture.

For the convenience of its guests, Jade Garden operates a Tuscan-style visitor’s center where patrons can enjoy a simple snack or beverage and purchase souvenirs. Three difference walking courses (each 2 hours in length) take visitors around the arboretum and there is even a gardening program in operation for aspiring gardeners.

 Drama : That Winter, the Wind Blows
Childhood, abandoned by their parents and meet cold, lonely men and their parents’ divorce and the breakup of my brother and live a meaningless life after a failed first love, and suddenly came to a visually impaired woman who lives a lonely, exhausting life of true love and hope in their livesVisiting the story meaning.
Love Rain
You Are My Pet
Full House 2
That Winter, The Wind Blows


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