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As you drive along the quiet drive course bordering the Bukhangang River, it is easy to forget the stress of daily life.

The river sparkles and shines in the bright sunlight, and all your worries seem far away.
Gapyeong is located in the border of Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do Provinces.

Along the river in Gapyeong is Petite France, a theme park reminiscent of a pastoral village in the southeast of France.
It is located against the backdrop of beautiful Mount Homyeongsan and Cheongpyeong Lake.

After visiting Petite France, go to The Garden of the Morning Calm.
The garden is an arboretum of about 5,000 species of plants.
Replenish your mind and body while you enjoy beautiful flowers and trees, bird song, and seasonal flower festivals.

Cheongpyeong Lake bustles with people enjoying water sports in the summer and those viewing the beautiful autumnal leaves of Mount Homyeongsan in the fall. The driving course along the lake is a popular dating attraction enjoyed by young couples. The restaurants by the lake offer hot and spicy stews of freshwater fish as well as chewy eel dishes.

Cheongpyeong Lake

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